Natural ways to manage and perhaps overcome depression

Many of us have had a lot of periods of getting depressed over the years.

A few techniques I have learned to use really well (this is Not medical advice, for that you should take advice of your physician, but you may find some of this can complement or be useful regardless):

1. I’ve found taking a good Vitamin B pill with food every morning picks me up and makes me smile more and deal with stress better (whenever possible by food based vitamins in non-chain health stores). Make sure it includes B6 and B12, preferably many B vitamins.

2. Get out exercising OUTdoors as many days as you can (just a quick 20min run better than not!). Preferably, whenever possible, in the sunshine 🙂

2013-04-19 17.40.47

3. If you can’t do that with your work schedule, then try to step outside to eat your lunch. If possible sit in a park in the Sun (or just stand in the sun for 30 seconds). Science tells us the Vitamin D from sunshine reduces depression, but even just closing your eyes for 1-2 min to let the sun shine on your head can help you feel a little happier. You might notice lots of British people have learned to do this and have their lunch in the beautiful green London parks 🙂  A little every other day can add up.

4. Dance or Sing whenever you can. Just put on some silly music/the radio in the morning from you phone and belt out singing around the house. Whenever you can 🙂 This is why radio’s do so well. They help us connect to the free expressive person we long to be but don’t get to be when we are working, commuting, emailing….

5. Get as much sleep before midnight as you can. A proper 6-8 hours whenever possible. It’s harder not to get depressed when we are tired and sleep deprived.

6. Walk as much as you can. Just get off the bus or tube one stop earlier to get a little more outdoor fresh air and look at the beautiful trees and plants and just notice them for 2 minutes. We were made to walk,…think evolution,…our ancestors 1000s of years ago walking the earth in search of food and warmth..

7. Send your family or friends loving messages, emails or photos sharing little things you like about your life. We generate our own happiness by Giving and Sharing. Sometimes we think we need to get their love, attention, sympathy, to feel Happy, but once we Give, we realise this actually makes us happier.

8. Meditate if you can. Even just start with 5 minutes, or 2 mins in the sun just letting your mind be clear. Or you can try the free Omvana meditation App, and on Omvana the “6 phase meditation” is quite good, and many others available for free. There are also some wonderful Deepak Chopra meditation apps.

9. When I feel depressed I often play this app “Louise Hay 101 Power Thoughts”. Louise Hay is a healer who teaches us to love ourselves. In the app she just reads out affirmations about how we can enjoy life better, and she has a Calming, Caring voice which feels like someone really Loves us. That one is not free, but worth considering (I think about US$6).

10. I also download lots of great free podcasts to pick up my mood. You just search the name, then download the Free podcast to listen. In particular to overcome depression I like Louise Nichols, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, all Hay House, and Joseph Clough.

11. Join the Free “The Daily Love” email newsletter by Mastin Kipp. Even if you don’t read every day, when you do you can learn so much and be touched and Inspired. Mastin has suffered a lot of depression, been on meds/drugs etc, and shares so many better wonderful things that work to realise deeper happiness.

12. Like “MindValley” on Facebook (and Mastin, and Louise) for inspiring messages every day that help pick up our mood

13. Reach out to friends you trust, let them know you have been feeling depression, and let them share what has worked for them if they’ve had similar to overcome it. I would argue most of us go through it at some point.

14. Most of all, exercise, get outdoors, get in your body, look after yourself, and spend time Dreaming where you want to be in 3-5 years, writing down your wildest dreams of the life you would love to have created, feel the happiness in achieving whatever it is you desire, then relax knowing that even if you have NO idea how you will get there, just by allowing and enjoying that dream, you are already pulling yourself in That Direction. Perhaps share little bits of it with trusted friends who can maybe help you at points along the way.

15. Relax and enjoy life now, knowing, and FEEling, that your dreams are possible, or some even better version that God hopes to give you. Then be grateful for the lovely bits of your life now (and know the hard time working now will be worth it in experience and over some time soon).

16. Smile. It changes the chemistry in your body making you just that little bit happier 🙂


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