Sharing an article women might find helpful

Article about women’s monthly pains

I was surprised to read this article and see no mention of magnesium until well down in the comments. Thanks to this poster, and for teaching me some things new about herbs to maybe try:

leeya8, wrote August 2011 “Hi, For aliviate the pain from the period is good to drink hot infusions of mint, or cellery or anis, and to try to keep warm the area of the waist, just around that time. Please try it, it works amazingly, it is good too to have a magnesium supplement it would help to make the pain less and with the change of mood.”

What natural solutions can help period pains?

  • Certainly the putting warm heated hot water bottles or wheat bags on the aching areas has helped me.
  • I hadn’t heard about mint, celery or anis though! Worth studying more and maybe trying
  • Personally I’ve found magnesium super helpful. In my understanding you would know if you took too much as you would get diarrhea. There are different types and qualities so I’ve researched a bit to find the best at the moment, but constantly strive to learn more. Apparently women can deplete more magnesium when we are under stress such as on computers, travelling, drinking, having too much coffee, etc and in my experience supplementing with magnesium can reduce, sometimes almost totally the overwhelming waves of stomach and back period pains, aching legs, bloating, and even depression and moodiness for that time of month. So for now it’s my main solution.
  • Oh, and a high percent cocoa chocolate would likely have some magnesium, possibly one of the reasons some of us crave it more at this time of the month.

UnNatural solutions to overcoming period pain?

I was pretty shocked to so much sort of drug-peddling of the pill. In my opinion we still know so little about what playing with hormones might be doing, and there is so much more focus on the pill, than on studying any of many possible age old herbal, dietary, or other solutions such as this yoga move as these age-old solutions can’t be patented to make a drug company millions.

Yoga Bow Move for period pain from

Yoga Bow Move for period pain from


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