I knew there must be something bad about Berocca

There IS something bad about Berocca

I usually carry some Berocca in my purse/luggage not as I think it’s great, but just as when I’m traveling I sometimes need a boost. I prefer to take a much healthier multivitamin (in recent years on nutritionist advice my Mum and I have taken “WiseWoman” from HigherNature (message me if you want to get a discount as I believe we both get one if I invite you).

WiseWoman vege based vitamins from Highernature

WiseWoman vege based vitamins from Highernature

I’ve really kept Berocca around just for emergencies. If I’ve had a cold coming on then it does seem to give a pretty good wallop of vitamin C to prevent or get over a cold. I would prefer the Higher Nature Vitamin C, it’s just not as easy to carry around. It comes in white powder, which is great for absorbing more when you are home and can sprinkle it on your food or in a lemon honey drink, but carrying white powder through airport security, even if it is Vitamin C is a little suspicious these days. Berocca at the moment is the most available, although it seems in the UK they are now chargin 8 POUNDS a box: I smell a monopoly! (there were no other vitamins available in the store-ridiculous).

So whats wrong with Berocca?

  • Colorings
  • Flavorings
  • Sweeteners
  • Sugar
  • Antifoaming agent?


Could we ask for a lot worse?

Sure, the vitamin C is still in there to get over a cold, but alongside all that unnecessary rubbish. Yuck. Puts me off. I’ll be working out more ways to stick to the alternatives.


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